New feature, the weekly reading list

The weekly reading list will be a place for me to catalogue the various web articles and pieces that I read and recommend for others.


In the inaugural list, we have several articles introducing people to #FunctionalProgramming, as well as some interesting tools to check out!

Functional Christmas

Yet another Advent Calendar, and this one is for Functional Programming and all its delightful facets, along with simple but non-trivial examples of full on applications, including Minesweeper in Elm and generative art using ClojureScript.

Lighthouse CI

Automatically get Lighthouse results for your web app, check for regressions, and see historical report!

A free web service that provides unauthenticated pubsub capabilities to poor person implement static file hosting, file sharing, chat, and more.

Pattern matching in Ruby 2.7

Ruby 2.7 will have experimental support for pattern matching. This article gives some simple examples of how to use it. I'm quite curious how it works under the hood, in order to implement pattern matching for complex objects.

77 common CSS layouts and patterns

This amazing site is honestly just what I've been looking for!

Some good guidelines for formatting code blocks with mobile in mind

Decentralized, open source push notifications for Android